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December 11, 2010

We had planned on heading to Mount Hyjal, but like all good plans our intentions were derailed.  Rather, we heard the call.  The importance of what was happening in Deepholm.  The Center of it all, the seat of the Elements and the very temple that binds them if you will was damaged when Deathwing rose from the earth. It must be rebuilt else the entire weave of reality will become unknit.

Kelruk and I made haste, in order to still be of use when we arrived.  And trust me, there was still plenty to do.

Many of the Elementals in Deepholm have awakened corrupted by the taint of the Twightlight Cultists.  Alongside the Earthen Ring, we fought against many allies that came to us at unexpected times.  Here is Thrall’s work.  The petulance of Garrosh is no where to be seen and for that, I’m glad.

One thing I have regretted about this new war is that we are so obviously pitted against the Alliance.  Mind you, I’ll fight Zultepe’s damn bird that’s been living with Kelruk and I if there’s a reason to.  But, in Northrend as with in the Outlands, the Alliance forces proved to be valuable allies.  Now?

They’re our enemies.  Though, we do get little pockets of alleigance. And those can be highly amusing.

Deepholm was far more expansive than I ever could’ve imagined.  Then again, what did I believe the core of the world was going to be?

It’s always been my mother that I’ve fought alongside in the past.  Kelruk, though, has made a good companion.  He’s done well to watch my back and I his.  Even if it has meant that he stumbles backwards, pulling dragons from the sky as he trips.

Noted: He did also manage to -kill- the dragon.

After the defeat in Vashj’ir, it was good to see a form of victory in Deeholm, hopefully from here we can begin to rebuild that damage that Deathwing has done to this sanctuary.  There’s little choice in the matter…

Returning home from Deepholm, Vashj’ir… battle itself was rewarding enough.  Just the ability to sit and converse before we headed out to Uldum and the Twilight Highlands.  As I’ve caught myself saying many time, there’s too much work and not enough time.

My return however, was not greeted kindly. It seems that I’m making enemies with my own people for the work that I do do in Orgrimmar.  Nevermind the fact that my work in Orgrimmar serves only to better ourselves. To gain support for us and the ability to at least have the Orcs believe that se still serve them while we prepare ourselves for a time when the eyes of Orgrimmar will be upon us.  We are at their backdoor.

That time is sooner than we think.

And yet, here I’ll stand as a pariah to this work. Hated amoung my own.



December 10, 2010

Vashj’ir wasn’t exactly where I wanted to go.  I was more interested in the history of ancients that would surely be uncovered in Hyjal in defense of Nordrassil.  But, here we were.  I say were because we’ve since moved on to Deepholme and the Temple of the Earth.

In Vashj’ir however, there was plenty of history to understand before the fall.  Before the battle.  Being taken into the dreamworld to live life as a Naga to understand part of this history was incredible…my mother would be losing her shit.

You could also say that we got to know the marine life in Vashj’ir.  I say we because my mate, Kelruk Kel’zhan was not about to let his pregnant mate head to the front, regardless of where, alone.

In truth, I was thankful to have him at my side.  My mother and I fought together in Northrend.

And when all is said and done, I’m fathers’ daughter, I do better when someone is watching my back.

The Verne was a Gobbo made ship that took us from the Kelp’thar Forest to the Abyssal Depths.  I got to learn a bit about advances in Gobbo biofuels from them while we worked with them there.  It’s incredible to think how much power the oil from dead creatures can maintain.  I was lucky enough to get to take a look at the Verne’s plans though I think the Gobbo’s would’ve killed me if I had taken them for myself.  Alas.

I spent more than one sleepless night looking over the maps of the area; plotting our next move, talking to the Kor’kron expeditionary forces to see just what was possible and how we could aide them.   I’ve gained alot of respect for the Kor’kron and more than a few obscenties.

Thrall’s Balls.

While Kelruk slept, I was more often than not experimenting with the knowledge on the biofuels that the Gobbo’s did impart upoun me.  Hotaru and I have been talking about a compound for a low viscosity pyrite fuel, but this I think might be cheaper to make though I still think it will lack the overall power that Hotaru is after.

I’d like to say that what happened in Vashj’ir stayed there, but there are some things in life you are never prepared for…

Poor Kelruk.

I think the looks on all of our faces leading up to the battle and after it were of shock.  Old Gods, Naga…

I wonder what is happening to this world.

It was the Verne that took us into the battle of Vashj’ir…one of the more nerve wracking voyages I’ve ever taken.

The Battle of Vashj’ir.

We survived.

To the Front…Or into the Front.

December 8, 2010

The Earthen Ring has been collecting adventurers and military to head into the new fronts.  To say it is exciting would be an understatement.  Kelruk could barely contain me.  I was like a child on edge while I waited for him to make the needed preparations before we left.  Anxious and biting at the bit.  Though, politically, I was hoping I could sway him into venturing to Hyjal, a place of myth and legends within Azeroth… we left for Vashj’ir.

Waylaid by a giant tentacle creature, we fell to the bottom of the sea.  I’ve never been scared for my life before.  I fought the Scourge. I was on the frontlines in the battles within Ulduar.  But I’ve never feared for my life…

I feared for my life and the life of the tuskling within me.

The Earthen Ring however, was there to provide and did so beautifully.

Now we venture to serve them in bringing to life this creature and uncovering the mysteries of this place.  All I can say is that I’m glad my mother isn’t here to see it.  She would drown in her fear of Naga and Murlocs.

Cliff Diving and Tusklings

December 7, 2010

I’ve been spending alot of time with Hotaru Trailheart.  In this friendship we have forged, we’ve uncovered the overwhelming desire to explore.  Adventure.  We’ve spent days on end chasing after the rumours of this black dragon that is torching the landscape of Azeroth.  With every new rumour we hear, a new location is uncovered.  And so, we follow…

This leads to quite a bit of downtime.

To curve the boredom, we scout the areas even further for the tallest cliffs that we can find and we jump.

Not the healthiest past time I’ve taken up when you consider the news I learned from Van’jar…


I’m pregnant.

Hunting a Dragon

December 3, 2010

There’s rumours coming in from all over Azeroth about sightings of this huge black dragon ripping up the landscape and killing everything in its path.

I was talking to my new and dear friend Hotaru about it, together, we decided we would hunt this thing down.  I can use a few days away from Orgrimmar and my book bag is big enough to bring my studies with me.  Kelruk has been in Northrend learning from the Kalu’ak, so…

Why not?

Last night Hotaru, my Auntie Zar’jun and an Orc warrior named Garkosh and I tore up the lands of Azeroth looking for stories and signs of this dragon.

We saw all sorts of fantastic things in the world but sadly, no dragon.

Old Blanchy no longer needs oats, much to our surprise we discovered a regular murder mystery happening in Westfall.  From the bit of common I can understand, Investigator Horatio Laine is on the case.  I’m sure the humans will sort it out.

Once we got to Winterspring, however… we realized we’d be freezing our asses off in the name of a wild dragon chase when the latest rumors put this creature of the imagination in the Southern Barrens.  It seemed the natural choice to head there and relax alongside the edges of the oasis.

I couldn’t think of a better way to spend the night.

I want to keep Hotaru. I think I’ve found one of the dearest friends I’ll ever have.

Who’s who? Hotaru and I decided to play with out hats.

For now…


Hopefully I will have the news of dragons soon.

Ayida Kel’zhan

Working with the Gob Squad

December 2, 2010

Today, I finished up my work in Azshara.  I’m a little sad to be saying goodbye to the area.  I’ve enjoyed my work with the Gobbo’s, they’re quite an amusing folk and have a lot to offer in terms of knowledge.  In my time working with them, I’ve had the pleasure of sampling their technology and working with some of their best and brightest…




Could you imagine the damage  that a mage with a cloaking device  could do? The Naga found out!











Took a Troll to figure out that slimes were gumming up the mechanisms of the siege engine.  This is where I’m glad I have in-depth experience in driving these from the siege of Ulduar.









And what the Goblins decide to do? Get a Priest to Excorcise the machine. Needless to say, the attempt fails.











Yes, that’s me, an eight foot tall Troll of a two hundred pounds parachuting down on the back of a Gobbo.










Me and the Gob Squad.







Ayida Kel’zhan

Have Hat. Have Port. Will work.

December 1, 2010

I’ve found a new way to fund my Engineering studies…

Selling my wonderful transportation services in Dalaran.  Can port. You tip.

…I need less expensive hobbies.  Truly.

Ayida Kel’zhan